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  Buy with confidence from us, knowing you have the best quality reman engine with the best warranty protection -- 100,000 MILE / 7 YEAR WARRANTY!

  Our HiPerformer™ engines cost less than our competitors! Get more BANG for the BUCK!

  All the moving parts in our HiPerfomer™ engines are NEW (with some exceptions); Beware of other engine rebuilders utilizing used, reclaimed, re-machined or replaced parts!

  All parts in our remanufactured long blocks meet or exceed the original manufacturers' specifications and typically purchased from the same suppliers who supply the original manufacturers!

  Due to our high volume of shipped engines, we are able to offer you discount freight rates with some of the best carriers.

  We have spent tremendous efforts and money to provide our engine buyers a satisfactory experience from start to end. Beware of online engine suppliers with little or no experience dealing with buyers out of their local markets.

  Due to our rigorous remanufacturing standards, the HiPerformer™ Engine line has achieved one of the lowest failure rates in the country - Below 1.6% failure rate.

  We maintain a large inventory of remanufacturing automotive and marine engine blocks. Most of our engine catalog is ready for immediate ship..

  Our remanufacturing engine plants were established over thirty years ago. During this period we have acquired unique knowledge and experience in the remanufacturing engine field that make the HiPerformer™ engines exemplary. We belong to the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association which help us gaining a broader knowledge and experience of the aftermarket engine industry.

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  Our HiPerformer™ Engine built to LAST not just REPLACE!