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  I bought a AMC 360 v-8 long block from you about two years ago. I wanted to let you know that I have not had one problem with this engine. My mechanic that installed the engine into my jeep was amazed at the quality of the long block. Thank you for a great motor. Phillip Brooks (Angleton, TX)

  I have installed your 5.0 Liter Ford V8 long block motor into my 1993 Ford E-150 van. It runs smoothly and quietly from first fire-up to present, the motor has 2500 miles on it at present. It was received clean and undamaged, well protected by the shipping container. C.H.B. 10/25/03

  This engine has been great it was very cost effective and is running great thanks. I have given several people your internet address. Robinson

  I would like to thank your company, the engine I received was exactly as promised and was installed shortly thereafter. The 1988 jeep I put it in runs just like it used to. I appreciate everything your company has done. M. Myers

  The engine I purchased off of you has been great, I don't think it could have been better if it were brand new and I would and have recommended you to people in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The mechanic I hired to install the motor was very impressed with the quality of workmanship, keep up the good work. Allan Hess, Hess Communication Services, Inc.

  The engine is running great. Den Rob

  I now have 10,000 miles on my new engine and no problems. My 1990 Isuzu Trooper has new life. I was impressed with the quality of the engine, the very complete gasket set, and the fact that a new AMC cylinder head was used as the 4ZE1 engine is prone to cracked heads and it is also known that the AMC head is an aftermarket fix to the problem. Kevin Swiger (Youngsville, NC)

  My name is Andy from Fredericksburg, Virginia, and I purchase a remanufactured engine for my 1965 Mustang. I requested a 65 or 66 block and was happy to hear that your company was able to provide 1966 heads and block. Everything about the engine worked great as I had no issues. I have put over 15,000 miles on the engine already and it runs great. Overall, it was a very good experience and that made my engine swap simple and troublefree. It was also a pleasure working with you customer service and sales departement. Thank You. S. Laugh

  I am very happy with my purchase and with your company in general. My engine arrived at my front door intact and without any problems. Your customer service and warranty are the best that I have encountered. Thanks for your great service. Regin Aldtay

  I'm from Chicago and I drive a '76 Olds Cutlass Supreme. When I needed an engine I looked all over town and finally went to the internet and found S & S out on Spokane, WA. The pricing was more competitive than anyone I contacted. The technician Bob , whom I spoke with, was extremely helpful and knowledgable in making my engine exactly what I wanted and needed. My new engine has about 6,000 miles on it now and my Cutlass runs like a champ. Thanks for the good work and I always recommend S & S to anyone I know who is in the market for a motor. Regards, - Brian

  I think you are the best deal on the planet! The purchase process and ability to add the roller rockers was an added plus - although. you did forget to install them... :-( But, you did ship them at no cost and apologized profusely. Shipping costs for the engine itself was very reasonable. And, it arrived when you stated it would. The warranty is outstanding! Is there anybody else that even comes close? The engine started and ran great from the get-go. No oil leaks, no funny noises, etc. I have been telling every one to order their engines through you. Peter Jasion, Cary, North Carolina

  My name is John Sanders and I did purchase a 455 Oldsmobile from you 10 months ago. The motor was ordered with the camshaft upgrade and was also balanced during the rebuild process. I am very happy with the engine. The camshaft allows the motor to breathe freely on the freeway and the compression ratio allows for pump gasoline, with no knocking or dieseling. We use the car frequently, including use as a tow vehicle for my son's quarter midget race operation. Rest assured we will be a repeat customer. John

  We now have more than 6000 miles on the engine we purchased for you. It runs like a top. I am very, very pleased with it, and would highly recommend you to anyone in search of a remanufactured engine. I originally purchased from you because of your 100,000-mile, 7-year warranty, although I believe an poorly rebuilt engine would give out long before 100,000 miles. Reef Media

  The rebuilt engine I bought from your company runs great. It actually arrived a couple of days sooner then I thought it would. I liked the work that was done to including it already being painted. Ive only put maybe 1000 or so miles on it so far but it shows no sign of breaking down. Thanks, Matt

  I bought a rebuilt cylinder head. It worked out great. Thanks, Jim Jones

  I got what I wanted for a good price and the installation went smooth. Very satisfied. James Ogle, Nevada City, CA

  I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase. As a matter of fact, I completed the installation a couple of weeks ago and have just now broken the engine in. I am getting ready to change the oil at 700miles. The engine was packed well, I picked it up from the transporter without a problem, and it was everything you advertised it would be. I replaced the worn out motor in my 1989 IROC and it runs like a sewing machine. I had been working a lot of overtime and that is the reason that I'm just getting it back on the road. Be glad to send you a pic if you's like. Also put a set of 95 corvette wheels on it using spacers from Skulke performance. It's a nice ride and you're motor put it back on the road. Thanks for an excellent product at an affordable price! Lee McQuade

  After purchasing the Chevy 350 long block from your company it was received in just a few days. The shipping container was more than adequate to protect the long block from any damage that could occur. The block was assembled by myself and a friend without any problems and was installed into the 1997 24 foot Bayliner fishing boat within the next few weeks. The boat which is used by an association of four members/partners with a house in Baja California. The boat was put to the test during the month of July and over 45 hours were logged on the motor in 4 days. The motor performed without any problems. After months of research, your long block was the least expensive and best warranties unit available. Dan Burns (Redding , California)

  Our 87 full size Bronco is running great with the reasonably-priced remanufactured engine we purchased from your company. We were glad to hear of your company from a friend after getting a ridiculous quote from a national chain for replacing the engine in our aging Bronco. It was so easy to find what we needed and to place the order on your website. Before I placed the order, I called with a few questions that were answered right away. Our mechanic had no trouble picking up the engine, installing it, or returning the core. He commented on how smoothly everything went. Thank you for providing a quality product at a fair price with a great warranty! Lea H. (Auburn, WA)

  I am happy to report that the engine is running like a top. I have completed 4 oil changes so far without any problems at all. About 7 years back I purchased an engine for a different vehicle from you also (318 - V8) and it is also running great. In my opinion S & S Engines is the only place to shop for a replacement engine that will perform at least as well if not better then what rolled out of the factory. Tony

  I purchased a rebuilt head for my Mazda pickup about a year ago. I was very happy with the results, the ease of ordering on the internet as well as the timely delivery. I returned the core and was promptly refunded. J Yeh (Oakland, CA)

  I am very happy that I choose your remanufactured engine over the other ones I had considered. The price was reasonable and everything was handled professionally. The packing and the return were exceptionable. I installed the engine myself with very little problems. I am very happy with the while experience and my motorhome runs better than ever. Thank you John L Fell (Vina, Alabama)

  I've had my new engine for almost a year in my 1990 C1500 PU. Its funny that this e mail came today. My wife has been driving my truck for the last few days because I was on a trip and had her car. When I came home she said it runs better than when it was new. That pretty good considering that I have a 13 year old truck. I had outstanding service from you folks. I had water coming out my exhaust when I cranked up my new rebuilt engine and your technicians sent me a new head in an attempt to resolve the problem. As it turns out I had a casting flaw in an intake port of a brand new GM intake manifold. Your technicians and the quality of your rebuilds is outstanding. Keep up the good work. Even with the coast to coast shipping you guys were competitive. Dave & Betsy Frye

  The transaction was very reliable and welldone. Delivery arrived as promised. Packing excellent. It was a big ticket item for us, and scary from such a long distance with an unknown company. However, we highly appreciate and recommend the company for its sound advice, reliable business practices, and attention to customers! Thanks and best wishes. Ernesto Hilarion and Tamar Gilson

  I have been very satisfied with the rebuilt engine I recently purchased. The person I spoke with while ordering, was also very knowledgeable and help in my purchase. The engine has preformed flawless from the date of install. All parts that were supposed to be there were. Great service and a great warranty. Thanks you keep my 87 out of a junk heap...... Ken

  I purchased a head for an Isuzu Amigo. Shipping was quick. The instructions were clear on what prep work I needed to do prior to installation and what follow up work was needed. The head has worked flawlessly. Tom (Aurora, NE)

  Everything you did was great. Shipping was fast, packaging was good, easy instructions. Mark Beauchamp

  I am only too happy to comment on the great service provided by S and S. We bought the engine for my daughter's Jeep Cherokee. It arrived as advertised and was easy to install. It is running great and we have had no problems at all. Everything that we were told by your representatives was right on the money. We opted to sell the old engine to a junk yard in lieu of shipping it back since we got about what it would have cost to ship it. My daughter has now purchased a new vehicle and I have taken the Jeep for my fishing and camping vehicle. I am sure I will get many more years of enjoyment out of it. I have recommended S and S to several of my friends and plan to use them again myself when I need another engine. John R. Ryan

  The engins went together with no problems and fired right up I now have 12000 miles on it and no problems, when my pick-up needs a new engine I will be calling you for a nother rebuild. Gus Hoever

  The engine is performing absolutely excellent. I am very happy with it. Its like a brand new car! Thanks a lot, and if I ever need another one I will be returning. Serena Gitthens

  The remanufactured engine you supplied to me was everything you promised it would be. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding, the sales staff were helpful and delivery was a breeze. I had no trouble installing my new engine, and it started first time. K Campbell (Bothell, WA)

  My purchase from rebuilt auto engines could not have gone any smoother. Immediately upon placing my order I was contacted by telephone to confirm and execute my order. I was even convinced to do a small cam upgrade. They gave me 3 or 4 shipping options making it very easy for me to stay with in my budget. I was pleasantly surprised when the engine showed up with a full gasket kit. (not sure if that was something mentioned on the website) The engine has since been installed and working perfect. Two thumbs up for these guys. Anthony Longo (NY Long Island)

  Great service, great project, great engine. Stuart, David "Stewie" (orlando)