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Chevy 350 Engine Troubleshooting

Chevrolet brand name has been successful in developing its niche in such a competitive car's world. The company is able to gain such an immense popularity because of its being producing affordable and performance oriented motors and machines that stand for excellent engineering. As for the Chevy 350 equipped in the models like Camaro LT-1 and Corvette, it is known to generate power higher than the original 928 motor.

However, all the mechanical parts begin to loose their efficiency after a long service period. Several components are there that contribute equally in the make of an auto engine. A single bad part can affect overall performance of your Chevy engine but finding that specific problematic part can be one of the most difficult tasks. But these problems can be resolved with the help of troubleshooting.

As if your Chevy 350 truck engine begins to smoke in its first and third gear, then the trouble lies with its rings and valves. They are most likely shot and there can be quite a bit of hole in its head gasket. In such a condition, there is no use of continuing with such engine. One of the best alternatives is to go with a rebuilt Chevy 350 engine. Being manufactured using highest safety standards, it eliminates the need to be bothered about its quality and durability.

At times, obstruction in the closed position of your engine does not allow it to start smoothly irrespective of parts like quadra jet carburetor incorporated in it. This generally happens because of cold weather. It can be the case with your Chevy 350 engine too. In such situations, you need to remove air cleaner mounted on top of the engine. Ensure that no vacuum lines are left loose and there should be no tearing the rubber. View the position of the choke plate that is often 4" in length and 1" in width. It is fitted in a horizontal position and is necessary to inspect to verify opening and closing of the swivels. This plate should be opened about a 1/8" or more but not closed otherwise it can cause the raw fuel to enter into the oil.

You can also start the motor simply by holding the gas peddal throughout the way until it begins. On the other hand, you will need to get assistance of the skilled mechanic if the choke is wedged badly. However, you can start it by wiring the choke open until you do not find a capable mechanic.

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