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Rebuilding Chevy 350 Engines -- Tips N' Guide

It is very helpful indeed if one is able to make full use of a few little tips while going through the Chevy 350 engine rebuilding process.

It is always advisable to have a supply of engine oil handy. Along with it if one has white grease, black and blue silicone sealant, and water sealant all the better. Though, it is not much of a problem, however, to be on the safe side make sure that the new oil pickup is secure in the new oil pump. After every piston/rod assembly is installed, it is advisable to turn the crankshaft a revolution. In case of any funny signals you can stop and check before proceeding.

It is very important that one does not rush the process of rebuilding. One should only work on the engine with ample of time on hand so that something very important is not forgotten. White grease is used to pack the oil pump. It can also be used to grease the push rod for the fuel pump, and lube the distributor gear on the camshaft. Blue silicone can be used for any water connections, such as the water pump to block. The areas where oil is involved one can use black silicone. Black silicone can also be used with pan gaskets, valve cover gaskets and some areas of the intake gaskets.

On the bolts that enter the water jacket area one should use a water sealant. This is also essential as the lower head bolts on each side of a small block Chevy enter the water passages. In the event of ordering a kit, do not hesitate to get Felpro sealing gaskets or a similar product. This will save one from having to re-torque the head. And, the special intake gaskets would then seal much better than the standard ones. Be careful while using tools to rebuild the Chevy 350 engine. The machine surface edges have the tendency to be very sharp, almost like a razor blade.

Don't miss out on cleaning everything. Make sure to clean out of the box even if it looks clean. It is considered appropriate to wash bearings and rings in a bowl filled with rubbing alcohol. Then lay out the bearings and rings on clean paper towels to dry. Never, never use a bearing or ring which has been fouled up. Do not hesitate to throw it away immediately and replace with new individual parts. Once the engine is rebuilt, use mineral spirits to wipe from the outside and apply a good coat of fresh paint.

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