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Chevy 350 Timing Belt

An absence of timing has the potential to ruin any activity, and nothing has more utility in bringing a car to a screaming halt faster than a shot timing belt. It stretches with age. It would be impossible for you to turn on your Chevy 350 engine if its timing belt jumps one ore more teeth. Moreover, inadequate valve to piston clearance for the engine to freewheel can lead to serious valve damage.

The crankshaft is attached to the camshaft by means of a belt or chain. This arrangement is responsible for controlling the lifting and closing of the intake and exhaust valves at the top of the cylinders. Its primary job being that of synchronizing the speed of the crankshaft and the speed of the fuel injection system, it is known in common parlance as the timing belt. The timing belt runs on pulleys which are attached to the ends of the shafts.

Timing belts never come without new gears because both can wear out easily. However, a new front seal is not always sold with the timing belt and gear set. Though all different timing belts work well, they do not come with the property of being interchangeable. The different timing belts are not easy to differentiate at a glance. The trapezoidal timing belt comes with square teeth, the curvilinear with rounded teeth, and the modified belt has rounded teeth but of a different width. Two different timing belts can be separated by just the addition of a single digit. Though the car will work for some time with the wrong belt, it is almost certain to spell trouble for the car down the road.

While looking after the timing belt to be used in Chevy 350, it is essential to look after the tensioner and the crankshaft oil seals. Never put on a timing belt without looking at the other components. The area around the crankshaft oil seals can have seepage and the inspection of the sprockets is recommended to ensure that they are in excellent shape. Apart from areas that are in direct contact with the timing belt, there is hardly any chance that corollary damage might occur in your Chevy 350 engine due to a broken timing belt.

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