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Chevy 350 Engine Rocker Arms

The rocker arm in the Chevy 350 V-8 has always been a matter of debate. The inconsistencies of stock rockers and the friction and heat created by them means there's power lost with them. Chevy 350 simply equalized the rocker arms to a consistent 1.52:1 ratio which allowed the gain of more power. Moreover, by increasing or precisely optimizing the rocker ratios one can alter the opening and closing events of the cam, which allows more power to be built up.

Rocker arm in the Chevy 350 engine mechanically multiplies the cam's lobe lift. This is achieved by pushing the pushrod closer to the fulcrum pivot point than the valve stem tip is. This arrangement of moving the pushrod centerline closer to the fulcrum pivot not only multiplies cam lift but also multiplies the loads on the pushrod and rocker arms. This carries out the proper ratio. A high ratio will invariably open the valves too quickly and can cause valve float at high rpm. The whole assembly is therefore stiffened as the increase in ratio adds to the load on the rocker and its mounting stud. The stiffening is basically done to prevent the rockers from wobbling all over the place. The stud girdle fastens all the rocker arms together dividing the loads from any one to all eight.

Amount of lift caused by the rocker on the valve is referred as rocker ratio. The full roller Chevy 350 rocker arms do an excellent job of pumping extra horsepower. And, the reductions in oil temperature that comes along with the reduced friction these rockers offer make them an excellent choice for the Chevy 350 street small-block.

You can also consider buying aftermarket rocker arm for your Chevy 350 engine. It certainly enjoys numerous benefits over stock. Being designed from high quality steel, aftermarket rocker arm is usually offered with "beef" in the pushrod cup location. Moreover, it does not have any metal flash around the pushrod oil hole.

Apart from finding just the right ratio, there is much more to determine which rocker arms best suit the Chevy 350 engine. Other preferred rocker arms include the one made out of chrome-moly and stainless steel. Not to be ignored are the familiar aluminum rockers and the shaft rockers, as well.

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