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Replacing the Chevy 350 Exhaust Manifold

Chevy 350 has been the most known engine. It has beaten out several other engines available in the automotive market. Components of the Chevy 350 engine are no less in availability to meet its ever high demand. Being the most complex unit equipped in any vehicle, the engine is composed of several components that work hand in hand to make it work adequately. However, one of the most significant parts of the Chevy 350 engine is its camshaft.

A single default in your Chevy 350 camshaft can affect the performance of entire unit. Therefore, you must perform a periodic camshaft check to avoid any serious damages. Replacing a camshaft is not an easy task. Thus, it is advisable to seek a proficient mechanic's help to get the job done. It is basically a two hours work which will be carried out by means of several tools. First, the water pump will be removed followed by pulling off both the crank pulley and harmonic damper by using dampner pulley. Then, timing covers and gears are removed. Here, the mechanic needs to note the position marks to avoid any confusion while assembling them again.

The manifolds are detached after loosening the rockers and pulling the pushrods. Next, all the lifters are separated and penning down their positions. Camshaft of the engine is grasped and taken out. Its bearings can also be replaced if needed. A skilled mechanic will always use manufacturer recommended break in lube while replacing the camshaft of your Chevy 350 engine. Another camshaft is installed in place of the worn out one followed by relocating the other components including manifolds, rockers, water pump, balancer pulley, and timing gear and cover. All the earlier noted marks are aligned properly. The installation of all the parts is verified twice to ensure the right work being done.

Many things are required to taken into consideration before replacing the camshaft in order to obtain maximum output from the engine. As if the camshaft is being replaced because of excessive wear and tear, then it is utmost necessary to fully clean the internals of the engine. The whole process is done under meticulous care. Incorrectly installed camshaft may have a severe effect on the life of this standard device. Moreover, in the worst cases, it can even lead to immediate failure of the camshaft.

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