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Repairing the Chevy 350 Engine

The comfortable and breath-taking characteristics of Chevrolet vehicles make it one of the most sought after car manufacturer in the industry. The company has also gained immense popularity as the maker of excellent motors. Chevy 350 is one such small block motor commonly found in earlier models of Chevrolet coupes. Being made from using highest safety standards, the series of Chevy 350 engine(s) is considered to be the best.

Performance of every engine largely depends on efficient working of its components. However, the complication of the engine as a whole system is just one thing. This encourages the need to perform its periodic check up regularly. Nevertheless, you should always be armed with proper knowledge about the problem. In case, your Chevy 350 engine with Edelbrock 4 barrel carburetor does not accelerate as soon as you start the engine. The situation is known as over carburetion and usually occurs when the carburetor bolted is too big. This disables the engine to fully accept the carburetor. To repair and enhance efficiency of the engine, you will need to get your camshaft replaced with the one that will match the potential of your carburetor.

In case, your Chevy 350 engine denies starting when the temperature is low outside, then the problem does not lie with its quality but because of choking in its closed position. To repair, you will have to remove the air cleaner first. Be sure no place of vacuum lines is left loose. Inspect positioning of the choke plate swiveling open and closed. The choke plate should remain open about a 1/8" or more than that. If it turns out to be closed, it can cause your vehicle to give out raw fuel smell and allowing it to get into the oil.

On the contrary, if choke plate of your Chevy 350 gets tightly stucked, you should immediately see a proficient mechanic to maintain the unit's performance. A bad worker often insists on replacing the parts thereby earning more revenue from engine replacements. Thus, you should always have proper knowledge about the problem area troubling your precious engine unit.

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