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Rebuilt Chevy 350 Engine - Rebuild Your Old GM Engine

Availability of rebuilt engines has provided a scope to enthusiast motorists to get hold of excellent machinery. As for rebuilt Chevy 350 engine, a good amount of work is done to provide you with a high performance device. At first, the engine is stripped to the block for a close examination. Then, it is cleaned thoroughly. The cam bore is inspected to see if it is positioned on front cam bore boss. It is essential for rebuilders to ensure position of the lifter bores. If they come out to be centered on individual lifter boss, then not much core shifting is needed. He also makes sure efficient movement of the pistons. Next, the block is checked to see if it has been sleeved or not. Improper installation of sleeves can cause severe problems.

The areas that are most prone to damage include oil valley water jacket and lifter bores. Rebuilders generally perform decking to give a smooth look to wavy surface of the block. It is basically a procedure in which only little material is removed from the block to level deck of the surface. After machining process, oil passages and bolt holes are cleaned. Installation of freeze plugs takes place after detailing the block with light coating of engine enamel. After mounting water jacket plugs, the engine is attached on its stand. Positioning of cam bearings and lifting the pistons to rod is done very meticulously.

However, the crankshaft is the most complex part to work on. It stands for a device that moves the pistons. Machinists have to be very careful regarding its installation. Next, installation of bearing shells and caps is done followed by installing the main bearing caps. Lubing of the cam lobes is done before locating it into the block. The rings are fitted around the pistons. Then, the piston rods are fixed into lacquered walls followed by installing oil rings around the piston. Lubing of the wrist pin is also done while fixing pistons into the cylinders.

Setting up the head is the simplest task in rebuilding the Chevy 350 engine. It is protruded 1/4" above the deck surface. A little silicon is applied on the water passage holes after lubricating the cam contact surface of a lifter. Then, intake manifold is lowered onto the engine. Finally yet importantly, the fuel pump, carburetor, and valve covers are installed after fixing the water pump. As for the headers, they are mounted under the valve covers into the heads.

Several advantages are there that come on hand by purchasing rebuild Chevy 350 engine. It is both cost effective and environment friendly and possess good resale value.

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