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Chevy 350 Performance Package

Chevy 350 is itself a marvel that has revolutionized the concept of high performance engines in the automotive industry. Its superb design and productive nature helped it to build a niche for itself. Huge availability of the parts, light weight, and compactness are some of the features that make Chevy 350 engine popular among enthusiast motorists.

However, you must have heard about different performance packages that are meant to add to mileage of your engine thereby optimizing standardized performance. But the question arises whether you should use the regular Chevy 350 parts in such an engine or not? Let us take the case of spark plugs to be used in the Chevy 350 with a performance package and HEI ignition. Viewing function of the spark plug, it provides an ignition to air-fuel mixture together with removing the excessive heat out of the combustion chamber.

Cylinder heads incorporated in the performance package use the basic spark plug specifications. Nevertheless, you should keep four important things into consideration while choosing the appropriate plug. Starting with reach, it is a threaded part of the plug reaching into the threaded part of the cylinder heads. Never choose more than 3/4" reach with your cylinder heads.

As for the thread diameter, it is basically size of the threads. Performance package heads are bored to suit to the spark plug having 14mm diameter. Therefore, go for a 14mm thread size to use with performance heads. Another significant part of the spark plug is its gasket or washer seat that is positioned onto the mating surface of the cylinder heads. Finally yet importantly, you must use a hex that should be 5/8" in diameter to bring out best clearance. Tapered spark plugs can result in crushing the threads in the cylinder head thereby causing several mechanical problems. Therefore, avoid using them.

You must follow some technical advices like using a little quantity of anti seize on the threads of the plug. It will further help you to remove the spark plug easily without undertaking many toils. Always take care of suitable torque while installing the spark plug. As such, the suggested torque is 10 pound feet.

As a matter of fact, all the parts of the engine work in harmony to carry out great efficiency of the engine. A single default in any of the part of the engine can hamper overall performance of the entire unit.

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