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Chevy 350 Engine Performance Options

The performance of any engine is always on the mind of the driver because of the soaring of fuel prices. The same applies in the case of the Chevy 350 engine as well. No one wants to consciously waste money on fuel and hence, would want their engine to perform at peak efficiency. This is to ensure that they get every possible mile out of every gallon of fuel they put in the engine's tank.

What are the performance enhancing options you can make use of in the case of the Chevy 350 engine? Setting the ignition timing and idle speed have become unnecessary and are even at times impossible to perform on the computer-controlled cars. Though the tune up is not as much in operation as it once was, we are still far away from that stage where a label on the hood proclaims "no user serviceable parts inside". Periodic replacement of the critical items like spark plugs is utmost important to add to performance of the Chevy 350 engine.

Several other options are there that can be tried to make certain that the Chevy 350 engines perform at maximum efficiency. Do not completely ignore the light even if the car continues to run okay. Always pay close attention to a glowing engine light for any malfunction or failure. It usually indicates that there is something amiss and further testing will be required.

Modern Chevy 350 engine management system can compensate for numerous system malfunctions and even outright failures. Moreover, the engine will usually continue to run until the time it receives service attention. One can check for any stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). To enhance performance, before erasing the DTCs, review and record the scanned data snapshot that are stored at the time DTCs are recorded. This information can play a great role during further diagnostic work and also until a DTC sets in again.

A small block Chevy 350 engine can produce 350 hp reliably for over 100,000 miles of high performance driving. However, with minimal maintenance, even higher horsepower is attainable at a very reasonable cost. One can opt for Chevy crate motors which are generally designed for a higher horsepower/lower torque combination. As such, the parts like fuel filter, oxygen sensors, and other ignition components are designed to deliver high performance but they cannot be taken for the life time parts.

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