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GM Chevy 350 Engine Overview

At present day, Chevrolet is the top selling automobile marque in the U.S market. Being a division of General Motors, it is known for manufacturing trendy coupes and high class motors. As for their manufactured Chevy 350 engine, it was launched in the year 1968 and caused the blocks to move into crankshaft period.

It is a small block motor that is commonly found in Chevy models. Moreover, introduction of the Chevy 350 engine led to standardization of the big main journals. The engine has been an ultimate success in station wagons, heavy duty trucks, and racing draggers.

No other engine has ever caught on like the Chevy 350 engine. It is still produced at GM Toluca Mexico Plant. Up till now, the company has produced over 90,000,000 makes of this engine. The engine became corporate base for GM and is also known to be the enterprise's mainstream V8 engine design. Chevrolet Camaro- 350 engine is able to produce the power of 290 horsepower by means of two bolt main block.

Addition of numeric value of 350 signifies the cubic inch displacement of the motor. Some of us are also acquainted with it as a 5.7 litre. With this quality internal combustion engine, its 8 cylinders are especially designed for optimizing both the efficiency and sound. It is basically designed into V-shape containing equal number of cylinders positioned in straight line on both banks which share a common crankshaft. As for its power and mileage, the engine yields the horsepower of 200 @ 4000 RPM and torque is 310 ft/lbs @ 2400 RPM. The engine also features 64 cc of cast iron cylinder heads to add to its maximum output. Its general design is also one of the reasons attributing to its huge popularity.

Manufactured using highest safety standards, Chevy 350 engine is much stronger and durable than before and comes in the configurations that were even not heard of some years back. Another addition into series of 350 motor was crate motor. Launched by Chevrolet Raceshop, it revolutionized the engine building concept of hot rodders. However, the crate engine was especially designed for the enthusiast racers.

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