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Chevy 350 engine on UPS Trucks

Chevy 350 engines on UPS trucks are specially designed to tailor to specific needs. The engines are equipped with an exclusive serpentine belt system.

The Chevy 350 engines on UPS trucks come with a 4 bolt main block along with a one or two piece rear seal. They are attached with a cast steel scat crankshaft which has been assembled with tri metal Clevite 77 rod and main bearings. The connecting rods come with ARP rod bolts. The pistons with coated skirts are guaranteed for high performance. The hand filed performance rings with the three piece true double roller timing set are beneficial. There is a performance camshaft to achieve the idle and throttle response.

The aluminum cylinder heads with intake runners are essential to the high performance. So are the intake valves and exhaust valves made of stainless steel. In order to match the camshaft are the high performance valve springs and retainers. 7/16 screws in studs and hardened guide plates have been used to lock the parts. The push rods are made of chrome moly and the engine comes with performance true aluminum roller rockers.

The oil pump is of high volume and comes with a chrome oil pan. The dip stick and tube as well as the timing cover are made of chrome. The performance balancer and performance gaskets are considered essential to the high performance of the engine. The complete rotating assembly too, is well balanced.

The engine is well equipped with an aluminum rpm air gap intake manifold and also chrome thermostat housing. The carburetor is fitted with an electric choke. The engine is inbuilt with a pro-billet ready to run distributor and has blaster II coil and bracket. The spark plugs come fitted with ignition wires. The fuel pump, fuel line and inline filter are necessary components of the engine. The high flow cast iron water pump and the chrome valve covers enhance the efficiency of the engine.

The Chevy 350 engines on UPS trucks are live run tested, timing set, and carburetor adjusted for optimum performance. The engine comes with a fairly good idle and a power band of 6000 rpm. The fuel type is 91 & up with a header tube size of 15/8. The transmission upgrade is not compulsory and the engine has a stall speed converter of 2600 - 2800. The rear end gear ratio of 3.73:1 & up with an approximate hp loss of 5%.

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