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Chevy 350 Engine on Passenger Cars

Chevy 350 engines are brand new 350 cubic inch small block Chevy deluxe crate engines that pump out 330 horsepower. This Chevy 350 engine on passenger cars has gone a step ahead by adding carburetor, distributor, water pump, torsional dampner, and automatic transmission flex plate. The up gradation to the Vortec cylinder head 330 horsepower has made it easier to re power the street rod, street machine or sportsman racer. The 600 cfm vacuum secondary carburetor is ideally suited to the Chevy 350 engine for passenger cars.

The proven distributor of the Chevy 350 engine for passenger cars give one the comfort of worry free driving. It has a 9.1 to 1 compression ratio which makes it pump gas friendly. The 4-bolt main block, nodular iron crankshaft, steel connecting rods and light but strong cast aluminum pistons point towards the durability of the Chevy 350 engine for passenger cars. Added to this strong foundation is a pair of 64cc Vortec cast iron cylinder heads and a dual pattern camshaft with a slight bit of an idle to provide it with the muscle car small block look needed for the passenger cars. In case if you dress this engine to impress with chrome valve covers and timing cover, it will look fabulous between the fenders of the street rod or passenger cars.

The camshaft on this engine is a modern dual pattern interpretation of the old Corvette camshaft but, with a little more lift and duration on the exhaust side. This allows it to a better job of clearing exhaust from the combustion chamber. On the intake side it has a slightly decreased duration and lift which allows it to build more cylinder pressure. This allows the camshaft to make a great torque and horsepower with the engines 9.1 to 1 compression ratio. The use of 1.94" intake valves and 1.50" exhaust valves by the cylinder heads is sprung with L31 valve springs. A healthy 9.1 to 1 compression ratio is yielded by the 64cc combustion chambers.

The Chevy 350 engine on passenger cars idles great and runs great when mashing the throttle. However, care has to be taken when backing off the throttle or trying to maintain constant speed on highway as the engine might miss and backfire. The plugs are close to the exhaust manifold and hence heat shields should be there on the manifolds to deflect some of the heat off the plug wires.

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