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Chevy 350 Engine on Light Trucks and Pickups

The Chevy 350 engines benchmarked for the midsize light truck segment and pickups offers an unexpected combination of features that provide increased functionality and capability.

The Chevy 350 charged up engine enables the production of 350 horsepower and 350 lb. -ft. of torque. It delivers peak torque through a broad 2000-to 5200- rpm. Increase in horsepower and torque is credited to an efficient cooling system and dependable water pump. Along with it, the four-speed automatic transmission and limited-slip rear differential too, add to the superb performance of the Chevy 350 engine on pickups.

The top-of-the-line small-block V8 powers the high-performance Chevy 350 engine with its well known expansion of the overhead-valve. The Chevy 350 on pickups has developed a formidable reputation for dependable power. The crankshaft enables the 350 engine block to obtain additional displacement. The Chevy 350 engine while increasing the inch stroke used on the engine retained the 4.00 inch bore.

The 350 engine retains a strong identity as the baseline power plant. And it is truly a true option package that pulls together a balanced collection of performance components. Also added is a special trim package for visual distinction.

The Chevy 350 engines on pickups and light trucks have a heavy-duty-rear-end based on a larger diameter ring gears suitable for high-torque. They also come with heavy-duty driveshaft universal joints which are suitable for high-torque engines. This high torque high compression ratio engine is upgraded from the baseline starter. The Chevy 350 engines on pickups and light trucks increase the fuel economy without diminishing the truck's ability to carry a load. This version of the small block is available with a 9.2:1 compression ratio to improve fuel economy. This 5.7-liter engine also has an electronic spark control and a four-barrel carburetor to enable the greatest performance while simultaneously retaining superior fuel economy. The distributor timing is adjusted by the electronic spark control system in order to ignite the fuel mixture at precisely the correct time.

All in all the Chevy 350 engine on pickups with six bolt holes on exhaust side of head, 4-bolt main comes as an optional high-performance engine with flat top pistons and performance cam. In addition, the 194 intake valve heads and high volume oil pump make it a well finished and honed engine.

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