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Marine Chevy 350 Engine

Marine Chevy 350 engines are built to the highest quality standards. A 4-bolt main block and big valve cylinder heads and high compression pistons along with a high performance camshaft are the major components. In order to enhance the performance of the Chevy 350 engine, one can include a high performance intake manifold and a 650 cfm carburetor.

The marine Chevy 350 engine parts include special marine pistons and rings, special marine camshaft, special marine gaskets, intake and exhaust valves, main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, valve lifters, rocker nuts and swivels, double roller timing chains, cam sprocket and crank gear, high volume oil pump, and brass freeze plugs.

In marine Chevy 350 engines the engine block cylinder walls are bored and power honed. The cylinder head mating surface and block mating surface are precision machined. Even though it may appear that there is hardly any difference between an automotive Chevy 350 engine and a marine Chevy 350 engine, they are not exactly the same.

Marine Chevy 350 engines are fitted with water cooled exhaust systems. The marine engine exhaust system is surrounded entirely with a water jacket. It runs from the exhaust ports on the engine to a discharge pipe out of the back of the boat. The marine Chevy 350 engine is so designed that it does not act as a roadblock but only enhances the working of the boat. The marine Chevy 350 engines have been built with meticulous care and extra durable parts as the boat does not have any transmission and is under a great load always. It is possible to drive a boat across a body of water at 5000 rpm. The load on the engine can be compared to the load that it experiences while driving a car up a steep hill. Pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts, valve springs, oil pumps, timing chains, head gaskets, are all of the very best in marine Chevy 350 engines. The marine Chevy 350 engines circulating water pump is made of a special ceramic/stainless steel seal in addition to a bronze impeller with stainless steel backing plate. This helps to prevent the failure of the engine from corrosion.

The thermostat found in marine Chevy 350 engines is 140 degrees. The marine engine compartment temperatures are kept lower by the cooler thermostats and water-cooled exhaust manifolds. There is no requirement of a radiator in the marine Chevy 350 engine cooling system.

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