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Installing Chevy 350 Engines

The Chevy 350 engine is made to fit most applications from 1979 and earlier all off-road vehicles. The engine is made with left hand (LH) and right hand (RH) dipstick (oil level indicator) holes in the block. There are timing tabs as well, for the harmonic damper (balancer). One tab is for the 6.75 inch damper and the other tab for the 8 inch damper. Check the starter gear teeth for wear and cracks in case of an automatic transmission flex plate. The engine should have an oil breather and a PCV valve for proper crankcase ventilation, without which, one should not try to run this engine.

At the time of installation one can make use of an intake gasket along with a silicon sealant for the intake gasket. One would also require a fuel pump gasket and a fuel pump mounting plate gasket for the fuel pump mounting plate. Use either a 1 quart or 3/4 quart oil filter with this engine. In the case of automatic transmissions application a 14 inch diameter or 12.75 inch diameter flex plate is to be installed. On the other hand with a manual transmission a 14 inch diameter flywheel can be installed. The harmonic dampers that can be installed have to be of either 6.75 inch or 8 inches. Thermostats to be installed are of 180?F or 195?F along with a thermostat gasket. Cast iron, long-leg style 12522016 water pumps to be installed for 1969 through 1976 applications. For 1977 through 1987 applications install cast iron, long leg-style 88894341 water pumps. For 1967 through 1972 pickups and cars up to 1968 cast iron, short-leg style 12458926 water pumps should be installed. And for 1971 through 1981 Corvettes cast iron, short-leg style 12458924 water pumps can be installed.

The Chevy 350 engine is custom made with plain black stamped steel valve covers but, if one wants, one can install chrome valve covers. One can install 10185063, 2101, 21011, and 3701 aluminum intake manifolds. The starter to be installed is 12361146 high-torque mini starters, gear-reduction, for 153 or 168 tooth flywheels. Also to be installed is the 93440806 distributor with ignition advance curve. The spark plug wires installed are 12361056, double-wall, silicone, 135? boots. Small-block Chevy valve cover rim-mounted wire looms installed will work fine. Also to be installed are 03981019 LH side oil level dipstick indicator and 12337946 LH side indicator tube. On the RH side 12551144 indicator with 12551147 indicator tube is installed.

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