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How to Maintain Power and Mileage of the Chevy 350 Engine

Unlimited mileage and power of Chevy 350 engine make it the best buy. But lack of maintenance and ignoring some basic things can hamper efficiency of any machine. Embarking on following advices will assist you to add to your engine's power:

* Regular servicing and driving wisely enables you to improve the mileage of your car. The first and foremost point to be kept into consideration is to go easy on the brakes and gas pedal. Avoid starting the car in by gradually accelerating only whenever possible. You should be able to anticipate stops as this would aid in avoiding sudden braking.

* Long idles need to be avoided and the engine should be turned off if in case anticipating a long and lengthy wait. Idling can cause adverse affect on power and mileage of your Chevy 350 engine as it tends to burn more gas than restarting the engine. In winter, limit the number of car warm ups so as not to put additional stress on the engine.

* Another significant factor which is generally overlooked is the carrying of extra unneeded items in the trunk. The mileage can also be affected due to extra load in the car. In order to reduce drag, you can place items inside the car or trunk and not on roof racks. The temptation to always be driving at high speeds needs to be curbed as this too, can affect your mileage. Astonishingly, the gas mileage can be improved by approximately 15 percent by driving at a speed of 55 mph rather than at 65 mph.

* It is also essential that you use your car's air conditioner only at those times when it is necessary. It is more advisable to roll down the windows or open the air vents in order to keep the car comfortable on not very hot days.

* If your car has overdrive gearing, use the overdrive gear, the moment you add to your speed. In case of a manual transmission, your shift speed should be lower. It will directly enhance the fuel economy. Another important feature which can result in better power and mileage of your Chevy 350 engine is the proper inflation of tires and alignment of wheels.

Customary engine tune ups improve the gas mileage and the maintenance schedule can be followed by looking up the owner's manual.

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