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How to Check the Chevy 350 Engine when Buying a Used GM Car or Truck?

If you are looking for a used car, your primary concern must be to have a properly working engine. Just to save money, do not ignore the checking of the Chevy 350 engine in a used car.

If you ignore the checking of any engine of any vehicle, it is always at your own risk.

Just after few weeks, faulty engines would start emitting blue smoke. And within the time of few months, you would find out that there is no oil left in the engine and you would be told that the engine was needed to be rebuilt. A little oversight can cause you to spend a fortune in rebuilding that Chevy 350 engine.

Inspection of the vehicle before making a deal can prove helpful in avoiding such troubles when buying a used car. That is why a proper inspection of the old Chevy 350 engine prior to purchase is recommended to all used car buyers.

Check the old Chevy 350 engine for any altered mileage from the car history records. There is always a possibility that the car could have been flooded which would made the engine worthless to buy. Altered mileage, too, would not throw the correct light on the capability of the engine and there are probabilities that one may purchase it with incorrect assumptions.

One has to check the old Chevy 350 engine carefully, when buying a used car for any major oil leaks or strong noise. In case if you find any abnormal behavior of the engine, check it out without allowing the salesperson to misguide you. Check carefully whether the leak is actually a result of the overflow from the recent oil change or there is some other reason behind it.

It is also possible that though the engine looks very clean and shiny, but it still has leaks. The reason could be that it has been shampooed by the dealer before putting the used car for sale. The trick is to look underneath the car using your flashlight. When checking the lower part of the engine and transmission, ensure that everything is dry. A slight wetness is okay but any oil leak drops should be thoroughly checked out.

Try to get a copy of the service records, wherever possible. Inspect for the oil change intervals - verify whether the oil was changed regularly. In case if you detect that the used car had been driven around 9,000 - 12,000 miles without any change of engine oil, do not even think of buying that car. In that case, this old Chevy 350 engine would start generating serious problems very soon.

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