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Chevy 350 Engine History

Chevy 350 engine was primarily introduced in the year 1967. It is a small block motor found in Chevrolet coupes. 350 in the engine signifies its cubic inch displacement. Known to be an internal combustion engine, it has 8 cylinders to carry out both power and performance. Chevy 350 engine opened up the way for larger 2.45 inch main journals together with 2.10 inch rod journals, four bolt main bearing caps and a cylinder block.

This engine has been under the production for more than 30 years. It is even one of the most sought after engine among other regular engines in the automotive market. It features 3.48 inch stroke and 4.00 inch bore that together generate good torque and high power. This is one of the reasons that account for immense popularity of Chevy 350 engine whether in a tow vehicle or an oval track motor.

Many small blocks that were developed after the Chevy 350 are considered to be the variations of 350 design. The line of such engine includes 262 equipped in Chevrolet Monza, 267, 262, 305 used in Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet and Nova. Installed in numerous station wagons to heavy duty trucks, Chevy 350 has undoubtedly been successful in setting the standards for high performance.

Components of Chevy 350 engine are no less in availability as the engine is still in production. Several of aftermarket parts including camshaft, intakes, and exhaust headers are designed out for the 350 inch displacement size. Talking about 1987 and later Chevy 350 engines, most of them are incorporated with factory hydraulic roller tappets. Later are aligned on cam lobes by means of a stamped steel retainer bolted to the lifter valley.

Being such a performance oriented and the busiest part of your car, Chevy 350 engine needs regular maintenance like changing the oil at periodic intervals and fixing the problem without any delay. Such steps are even necessary to add to its longevity. Apart from all these things, it is always advisable to perform a periodic engine check rather than putting the problems on back burner. Huge supply of rebuilt engines has eliminated the need to spend loads of dollars on purchasing the brand new engine. Moreover, they are manufactured using highest safety standards thereby coming to the customer's level of satisfaction.

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