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Fuel Pump - An Essential Component of Chevy 350 Engine

The increase in the number of vehicles with automotive fuel pumps is enabling the robust growth of the fuel injector market, with electric fuel pumps responsible for driving this growth. The fuel pump is a very important component of the Chevy 350 engine and to a large extent responsible for its performance.

One has got to take extremely good care of the fuel pumps as fuel contamination is one area which can lead to the major cause of electric fuel pump failure. Also ensure that the fuel pumps are protected from dirty fuel with additives as they can corrode metal tanks. The Chevy 350 engine fuel pumps come with improved design configurations so as to prevent the after effects of contamination. Contamination not only increases warranty costs to suppliers but also hurts consumer perception of the quality of fuel pumps.

The Chevy 350 engine fuel pumps have been so manufactured to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. Care has been taken to ensure that the Chevy 350 engine fuel pumps meet the minimum requirements of pressure and volume for the vehicle. At the time of installing a new fuel pump, the fuel tank should be emptied prior to removing it. After removing the fuel, the inside of the tank should be thoroughly cleaned before the installation of the new fuel pump and strainer. One can use new fuel oil or filter the old fuel back into the tank while refueling the tank. This in a way ensures a longer pump life and a better, proper fuel supply to the engine.

At times it is possible that the engine may be running but displaying drivability symptoms that could be fuel related. These could be hard starting, hesitation, misfiring or power loss. Other possible causes can also be explored such as, a blown fuse and other pressure issues.

It is important to test the Chevy 350 fuel pump as a sealed unit mounted on the vehicle. That is because it cannot be repaired. In case of a leak from a seam or the vent hole, the engine performance might be affected as a consequence of inadequate fuel. It is also essential that one keeps everything totally clean from the start to the finish. Fuel contaminants, such as dirt, rust and scale can be a major reason for the in-take fuel pump failure and also cause premature failure.

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