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Chevy 350 Crate Engine

You can purchase a brand new Chevy 350 engine form your local Chevy/Chevrolet dealer. The term crate refers to a brand new engine that was purchased directly from the manufacturer or one of its authorized car dealers. Note the term crate refers to the packaging method of the engine (i.e. brand new engine is normally delivered from the car dealer in a crate).

Series of Chevy 350 engine(s) are incorporated with performance driven components and highlights excellent engineering. The new add on in this series is a deluxe crate engine named as Chevrolet ZZ4, 350 cubic inch. It gives out the power of 350 horsepower. The ZZ4 is an advance version of the renowned ZZ series of small blocks. Several street rods, popular street cars, drag racers and circle track racers are there that are being powered by the Chevrolet 350 engines falling under the ZZ series. ZZ4 features the torque of 400 ft-lbs and provides you with an excellent way to place roller cam, aluminum head together with highly efficient small block between fenders of your vehicle.

Its angle plug cylinders heads are craft out of high quality aluminum and incorporated with screw in rocker studs. With 1.94" intake valves, 1.50" exhaust valves along with 58cc combustion chambers; the engine generates an outstanding compression ration of 10.00 to 1. Another characteristic of this engine is its lightweight valve springs retainers. Also added with ZZ4 engine is a steel roller tappet camshaft that has .474" intake and .510" exhaust valve lift. Both of them tend to work in harmony to yield 355 horsepower at 5250 rpm. They are the components that set the Chevy 350 high performance crate engine apart from rest of the station wagon engine.

Talking about distributor of the engine, it is a device that holds the responsibility for igniting the spark plug at a set point of the piston stroke. As for HEI distributor the ZZ4, it is offered with an ignition timing advance curve builded up for performance. To compliment the distributor, the engineers have built-in a dual plane intake manifold to take the spread bore or square bore carburetor, 8" harmonic balancer, 12.75" automatic transmission flex plate, and a water pump designed out using high quality cast iron. However, the engine is especially designed to be used in pre-emission street vehicles. Each of the part of this high performance engine has undergone through several safety standards thereby eliminating the requirement for you to bother about their quality and durability.

Parts of Chevy 350 crate engines are available easily. This feature adds to its growing popularity and makes it one of the most sought after engine among other regular Chevy engines. However, maintenance of engine lies with the owner which will further enhance its longevity.

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