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Chevy 350 Engine Crankshaft

Chevrolet has always been known for manufacturing excellent motors and coupes. As for their manufactured Chevy 350 engine, it is a performance driven device that can be installed in many makes and models. It is designed into a V shape having equal number of cylinders on both banks. Engine is the busiest part equipped in any auto. However, its performance largely depends on several other components. Crankshaft is one of such significant engine parts. In Chevy 350 engine, both the banks incline towards a common crankshaft.

Outstanding performance of Chevrolet Camaro is all because of the Chevy 350 engine. Its crankshaft has a casting number mounted on the rough surface of counterweights. All the high performance engines use forged steel crankshafts. Such crankshafts are generally very pricey but easily available. It stands for a device that moves the piston. Most machinists consider replacing Chevy 350 engine crankshaft as the most difficult task during rebuilding process.

A large number of motorists get perplexed regarding installation of Chevy 350 crankshaft in 305 motor. Indeed, both crankshafts begin with the same service period. Both perform efficiently and are incorporated with the same stroke. The only difference that sets them apart is their balancing. Talking about Chevy 305 crankshaft, it has more metal removed from the counterweights as its pistons are much lighter.

A single default in crankshaft of your Chevy 350 engine can affect overall performance of the unit. As such, crankshaft problems do not occur frequently. When it does, it is generally because of metal fatigue that can be the result of malfunctioning process. Furthermore, this standard device is subjected to different forces and pressures but it requires to be inspected in two different positions. Primarily, the breakdown can occur at the point of maximum bending. In such situations, the failure can either be due to bending or formation of high pressure in the cylinder. This encourages the need to perform a periodic crankshaft check up to ensure its longevity.

Another reason of sudden failure of crankshaft is twisting. In such conditions, you need to examine the crankpin for breakdown at the point where maximum twisting takes place. However, a small part of the maximum pressure occurs at this point. If crankshaft equipped in your Chevy 350 engine is not working adequately, get it replaced with another one soon before it results in bad surprises.

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