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Contribution of the Exhaust System in Chevy 350 Engines

The exhaust system is not only an important component but also one of the easiest to upgrade in order to enhance performance of the Chevy 350 engine. Being located at other end of the engine, exhaust system is significantly responsible for expelling exhaust gases out to somewhere away from the engine compartment. Chevy 350 performance exhaust system takes care of these requirements but with different priorities. Performance is a prime consideration, followed by reducing the noise and exhaust emissions.

A performance exhaust system can be really effective, even at times being able to add up to 30 horsepower. Even a normal exhaust system motor allows you to get up to 10 horsepower. Chevy 350 engine exhaust system is available in polished surfaces and hi-tech designs. This makes it very appealing to those who have a fetish for a stainless steel finish. However, one has to note that not all exhaust systems are high-grade stainless steel. The sound of the exhaust system is characteristically quiet when idle, but sporty and robust under acceleration.

The contribution of the exhaust system is of such paramount importance that at times they come with a guarantee which can likely outlast that of the vehicle. Though, they do not come cheap, one can mitigate the cost of the performance exhaust system with a possible increase in fuel economy. But take care not to always put your foot down all the time to hear that sweet exhaust note. This can possibly wipe out your fuel consumption gains pretty quickly.

The Chevy 350 performance exhaust systems are often made of "aluminized" steel. Some performance exhaust systems are also made of aircraft quality T-304 steel. These result in economy performance systems and a performance increase of between five and fifteen percent.

The Chevy 350 performance exhaust systems are also built for optimum flow of exhaust gases. The exhaust system typically snakes its way from the engine back to the exhaust tip. The bent pipe in several places reduces airflow because of the small diameter of the pipe. However, in the case of a Chevy performance system, the pipes are of a larger diameter and mandrel bent. Mandrel bending is the process that retains the diameter of the pipe, even when it is bent at 90 degrees. The effect is almost a throughout straight design that can maximize flow, permitting more air to enter and exit the motor.

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