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Chevy 350 Engine Components

The Chevy 350 engine package is system designed choosing the correct combination of components so that the performance of the engine is maximized. The production years of the engine were 1962-1986 with a horsepower of 350hp @ 4500 rpm. The Chevy 350 engine has a torque of 357lbs. / ft. @ 3500 rpm.

Among the Chevy 350 engine parts the hydraulic camshaft and lifters have a major role to play. The intake valve gross lift/ duration of the Chevy 350 engine camshaft are .457" / 268?. The exhaust valve gross lift/ duration are .457" / 268?. The intake valve, as well as, the exhaust valve duration is @ .050": 218?. The rocker arm ratio is 1.5. The intake valve lobe centerline specification is 105? while the lobe separation specification is 110?.

The minimum cylinder head valve size is 1.94" intake diameter and 1.50" exhaust diameter. A good set of 1-5/8" tube headers can be used in conjunction with high-flow/low back pressure mufflers. The Chevy 350 engine small block oil pan comes in aluminum with bolt kit and has a 350 stock capacity. The Chevy 350 engine piston rings have a displacement of 350 with a bore of 4.000. The compression of the piston ring is 64cc - 11.9 and 76cc - 10.2 with a dome of .220. The ring size is 1/16 or 1/8 and has a rod length of 5.7 with stroke of 3.48. The height of the pin is 1.560. The cylinder's bore diameter, the amount of cylinders, and the length of the stroke determine the engine's displacement.

Airflow in and out of the cylinders is very important, as is the temperature of the intake air along the way. More the quantity of air-fuel mixture in the cylinder results in more force on the top of the piston and accordingly the Chevy 350 engine will produce more power. The aluminum intake manifold used on all Chevy 350 engines produces the same horsepower and also provides increased hood clearance and more versatility. The intake manifold has a dual-pattern flange which accommodates standard flange and spread-bore four -barrel carburetors.

The other components of the Chevy 350 engine are pin fitted pistons, rod bearings, main bearings, cam bearings, timing gears and chain, valve lifters, valve locks, oil pump, and freeze plugs. The correct combination of the Chevy 350 components will enable one to achieve a level of performance and power which is unimaginable.

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