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Chevy 350 Engine -- Cleaning & Service Tips

As it is with other engines, so is with the Chevy 350 engine. It is necessary to clean the Chevy 350 engine, as well.

Cleaning of the Chevy 350 engine and engine-compartment is not only a good idea but necessary too, for various reasons. It makes it easier to identify the fluid leaks on a clean engine. It enhances the feeling of working on the car's engine and makes the task much more pleasant. Even the routine mundane tasks like oil-checks turn pleasing.

Keeping the Chevy 350 engine clean has its other benefits, too. In the event of taking your car in for routine servicing, your mechanic will not find it difficult to service your vehicle. His work becomes easier and efficient while working on a clean engine. He gains the advantage of being able to work more thoroughly and accurately. Also, when you decide to sell your used car, the good condition of your Chevy 350 engine will leave a good impression in the minds of the prospective buyers.

A few basic steps and precautions when followed are able to keep your engine clean. Safety alert is of paramount importance. The moment you decide to begin any work on the vehicle's engine and electrical system, disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable. At the time of using chemical cleaning agents it is very important that you wear eye protection. It is also recommended that one should always consult the car's service manual for any cleaning instructions regarding the cleaning process of the engine. One is then aware of any precautions that may need to be applied specifically to your individual car's engine.

The vents at the base of the windshield should be cleaned first by a brush. The leaves and other debris should also be removed. These might otherwise block the flow of water down to the base of the firewall. But one should always take one little precaution, which is really very important. That is, just before you begin to clean the engine with water, cover up the electrical and mechanical parts which are under the hood.

The Chevy 350 engine's alternator should be covered using a plastic bag. Do not forget to cover the distributor cap. Use a rubber band to secure the bag firmly in place. The fuse-box and exposed wiring harnesses should also be carefully protected using plastic bags. To ensure protection, the edges of the bag should be hold together.

You can use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean the battery terminals to remove debris from the area and the surrounding area. As soon as you notice bubble and the corrosion is unfastened. Wash it off with the water.

Now spray the engine and engine compartment surfaces properly with available commercial engine-cleaner foaming spray. Leave it for a while as per direction on it and then wash it off with clean water with a spray attachment to the hose.

After the cleaning and rinsing of the engine, go for a drive for at least half an hour. In this way, the heat produced would dry up the water if remained.

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