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  • Introduction
    There are over 200 million cars and light trucks in the US alone. Some of these vehicles require replacement or performance engines. How can you help your customers find the right engine supplier, price and customer service quickly while maximizing your site's revenue potential? What you need is a sound engine supplier with a strategy for success. S & S Engine Remanufacturing Company is a World Class Leader in remanufacturing engines / motors for a wide range of automobiles, light trucks and outboard marine applications. Our automotive engines backed by 100,000 mile or 7-Year warranty and our failure rate is below 1.5%. Our remanufacturing engine plants were established over thirty years ago. Our Engines Built To Improve Not Just Replace!

    The Needs
    It's no secret. We want to spread the word about our HiPerformer™ engines to as many people as possible. That's why we created the HiPerformer™ affiliate program. This program allows you to put general HiPerformer™ banners or links, make related links and even specific application links (i.e. a link to "1997 Ford Explorer engines") on your site(s) and get paid for every user who buy any marine or automotive engine. You can bet, it's worth the click.

    The Payout
    For every sale you generate, you earn a flat fee of $50. There is no limit to the amount of commission you can generate. We send payments on the 15th day of each month after a 30-day cycle. It's that simple.

    Who Can Be HiPerformer Affiliate Partner?
    Interested in growing your business with our HiPerformer™ engines? The HiPerformer™ affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn money by promoting our premium engines to your visitors and readers. If you have a website, whatever is e-commerce, auto-resource, directory, or related to automotive and/or boats; or if you have no website but have the absolute right to use a website or a part of website, all you need to do is just register to be our partner and set up a link from your website(s) to We welcome everyone who would like to share in our success to join us. Our Affiliate Program is free to join.

    Why Become An Affiliate Partner?
    Setting up a link from your website to means that you work with one of the best remanufacturers of automotive and marine engines in the US. We are dedicated to providing high quality engines cost-effectively. There are many other reasons to attract you into HiPerformer Affiliate Program:
    1. High commission - $50 per sale
    2. Reliable - Monthly payments and the payment report to affiliate
    3. Free and easy joining
    4. No cost on your part
    5. Expand your automotive and marine product offering
    6. Improve the reputation of your website with a variety of excellent engines
    7. Give your visitors more buying power without all the IT overhead
    8. Help your automotive visitors to get the most satisfying engines and customer service

    How Does It Work?
    1. Fill our Affiliate Partner Qualification Form.
    2. Approved and become an Affiliate Partner of HiPerformer™
    3. Set up your links with the assigned Partner ID!
    4. Our tracking system tracks visitors coming from your site(s) and credit you for qualified sales. You are in business...

    It's that simple!

    Final Words
    Join a Winning Affiliate Program! High Payouts! Monthly Payments! High Conversion Rates! You can now offer over 20,000 remanufactured automotive engines to your visitors including car, truck, pickup and marine applications. 30+ years of successful and trusted business. Start earning money right away! Sign Up Now!

    If you have any other queries please feel free to email the Affiliate Program manager.